Spring rolling in like a lion and out like a King

Carreiro 2

 2013 has kicked into high gear. Spring is known for new beginnings and that’s what my educational focus is for this season. New beginnings!!

 In the salon spring is when you get out of your winter slump and roll into high gear. There are endless amounts educational and inspirational tools to promote new looks such as cut, color and styling. Spring is about being fresh, new, bold and crisp.

  This season I decided to approach an educational workshop with a twist. Rather than presenting an entire collections workshop for 2 hrs. I decided to tap into the Cognitive and affective domains of learning. 

  It was a blast. By changing the strategies and format of the program I was able to allow the stylist to be completely creative with no limitations.

 Stylists were given 45 min to create a photo shoot look on LIVE models!! Concepts were based on a 10 min mini lesson I had just given them minutes ago.

 End result- most affective class this salon has had in months

Meghan- “When can we do it again?”

Kelsey – “Can this be every class”

Check out the masters in the making…





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