Green… the wave of the future



When I worked full-time in the salon clients asked me what the salon did with all of the hair and foil waste? My answer…GARBAGE!!! No one would ever comment and you could see the disappointment on the clients face.

Today’s economy is green. People are being aware of how they choose to dispose there garbage…heck I just got a mini compost at my door from the City of Vancouver…( amazing I must add)

2 years ago salons were limited to environmental sustainability options…now we have one. Long gone are days where we throw foil and hair in the trash and left over chemicals in the sink. Green Circle salons is now an option for you to use.

Leading salons and companies have signed to be part and support this valuable business that contributes directly to our industry.

Shane Price was the original person I spoke to about Green Circle salon’s. He headlined the program in Toronto where the L’Oreal Academy was one of the first to sign on.

Shane has a mission and his passion is what fuels him. He can talk about Hair and sustainability all day. H

Check out some of these salon In Vancouver. Over half of the accounts are  L’Oreal Professionnel partners using this amazing system. Here are some resource just to name a few…

Sukis International


HairKraft Studio-

C-Zo Salon-

Rain Hair Salon-

Maude Salon

On an International level we care seeing the same movement. Check out this link to See what L’Oreal is doing for the future of our industry.,3046#.UZfla25NnU8.wordpress


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