Visionary at this craft

vision hair

I had the pleasure of spending the past 2 days with Master stylist and Portfolio artist Antione Vaddacchido!/antoine.vadacchino?fref=ts

Antione Masters in Dress work and styling in Montreal at Pure salon

When he’s not working on his clients  or doing a shoot  he is in the class room or on stage facilitating learning to the market leaders in the industry.

Antione uses outcome based techniques creating building blocks for his learners to relate to and grow from. He targets all the domains of the psyche with this creating an affective, creative and safe learning enviorment.

Hes starts with giveing you locgic impowering the left side of the brain and as you apply your work his instruations leads you to naturally explore your creative right side of your brains. Letting your feelings and storys show case of a style unique to you.


I have never felt that up styling was my strength as a stylist. It has always been an area for improvement. He’s has taught me at least 6 $ 5 dollar tricks. Not only from this dress work from his teaching strategies too.

He took basic chignon styles in to elegant 3 dimensional pieces. He’s took classic French and English Rolls into editorial and avant garde work. The sky is your limit and creative structure is the language he speaks.

Antione has created a his own program called Vison Hair, once you have compleated this program you can take the next one called the creative box class. This one focuses on constructing shapes and forming texture for up-styling.

I the fall can’t come soon enough and i feel much more confident and competent to tackle all of the up-styles for this years wedding season.


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